Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Amazing True Love Story

Herman and Roma Rosenblat, now of North Miami Beach, and formerly of Bayside, Queens, actually met as children - he as a 12-year-old in a Nazi concentration camp and she as a 9-year-old who for months tossed apples and bread across a fence to help that little boy survive.
One day, he was transferred to another camp and thought he had seen the last of his petite benefactor.
Fourteen years later, Rosenblat - now living in New York - was cajoled into joining a buddy on a blind date. The nervous couple spoke of their mutual backgrounds as Polish émigrés. The conversation eventually turned to his childhood in a concentration camp, and Roma volunteered that she had lived near a camp where she would visit a young boy every day and sneak him food across the fence.
"That was me," Rosenblat said he exclaimed. "Now that I found you, I'm not going to ever let you go" and proposed marriage right on the spot.
Her initial response? "She says, 'You're crazy. We just met."'
Six months later, they were married. They went on to raise two children, a son, Kenneth, and a daughter, Renee. Source

I came across this amazing true love story while reading 'Holy Moments' by Lenya Heitzig. Read about the film 'The Fence' based on Herman Rosenblat's autobiography 'The Will to Survive'.


Art said...

That is truly amazing. Great story!

Mike said...

Wow this is mind blowing. Things like this can't possibly be by chance.

Now I will have to read the book.

Carolanne said...

What a great love story!

Conny Vos said...

Ik zag je maandag heel even voorbij schieten op Opwekking, kan dat? Als je het inderdaad was, dan was het wel een thuiswedstrijd met Wigle Tamboer. Was je er het hele weekend of maar een dag? Ik kwam heel bewust op maandag vanwege Brian Doerksen.

Kate said...

Amazing love story!Just too sweet!Makes me believe the power of love once again.Thanks for those great photos.Just in case you want to know-today is Love Conquers All Day!