Thursday, May 03, 2007

Patmos today - let's see if we can get there!

The bible is the worlds' best selling book. All reading enthusiasts know of the Book of Revelations, but not everyone is aware that it was written on Patmos or why a book about so much destruction was written in a place so beautiful and peaceful.

Saint John the Divine (also known as the beloved disciple of Jesus) was sent here in exile, Patmos in those days was a place for criminals because it was so inaccessible.

This is what I just read on this site about Patmos. This is the official site from Patmos - and I am still trying to find a church or Christian community on this famous island that I can get in touch with via email.

Let's see if we can get an answer to these general questions...

  • What is it like to live on Patmos?
  • Can you describe the natural environment for us (animals, plants, trees)?
  • Please tell us a little bit about the people from Patmos...

...and to these more specific questions for Christians living on Patmos today!
  • What are your fellowships like are they informal?
  • Do you meet in homes?
  • Do any of you have a vision for the church today?

Mike, thanks for your questions that I can ask fellow believers living on Patmos today - if I manage to find them!

37°20”N 26°34”E.
INHABITANTS: 3,000 approximately.
AREA: 34 square kilometers.
COASTLINE: 63 kilometers

Some websites that I have found...
The shape of Patmos reminds me of a seahorse!