Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Breaking news: six new ugly ducklings!

Yes! We have 6 new little baby swans in our street and - looking at the eggs in the swan's nest, still 2 ducklings to go! The other couple of water birds (moorhens) have left their nest now and moved on to another location. It looks like the two swans didn't accept their presence so near their own nest... (see this earlier posting)
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Vicki said...

Ah, they're so cute! Will the swans remain at this location, or do they move on when the cygnets (baby swans) mature?

Panda said...

One neighbour just told me that these swans (and the moorhens) return each year. I didn't notice them before - the nest is not right in front of my house. In other years the swans accepted the other birds, but this time they didn't...
I don't know whether the young birds will return, but there are more swans in this neighbourhood and there's plenty of water too!