Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Message from Patmos to our Orthodox Brothers in the West

I came across this interesting website from the Orthodox Research Institute. In the first comment on this entry (see below) you can read the text of my email to this organisation. Now... let's wait and see if I can get an answer from them! In the meantime, feel free to let me know what you think of this next stage of my world-wide virtual island hopping tour. By the way, I could use some help with this quest. Please join me in trying to get in touch with people who live on Patmos or who have been there as a tourist. I haven't received any replies from this island yet, so your help with this will be highly appreciated!
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Panda said...

Dear Madam / Sir,

I am a writer and publisher from the Netherlands and I just found out about your website. For my personal weblog (see this entry) I am trying to get in touch with people living on Patmos today. I am especially interested in people who are Christians and who can tell me a little bit more about Patmos and its history in English.
Could you please be so kind to help me with this? I would love to have some email addresses from individual Christians, local churches or Christian communities (such as monasteries or missions) and I would highly appreciate your help with this. Of course they must be able to read and write in English (or Dutch :-)) because my knowledge of the Greek language is approximately zero.
I am trying to get answers to these questions - for me and my blog readers from all around the world who are joining my 'virtual island hopping' tour on the internet:
• What is it like to live on Patmos?
• Can you describe the natural environment for us (animals, plants, trees)?
• Please tell us a little bit about the people from Patmos...
• What are your fellowships like are they informal?
• Do you meet in homes?
• Do any of you have a vision for the church today?
Blessings from the Netherlands!

Mike said...

How about a vist to the Island of Lindisfarne. This small island off of the coast of England is full of Christian history.
Check out: http://www.lindisfarne.org.uk/

Panda said...

Sounds like a good idea, Mike. I still hope to get some answers from Patmos, but it seems like they are all to busy enjoying the sun, the sea and some Greek wine...