Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More information about Johan's Ark

Have a look at Johan Huibers' official website. This fellow Dutchman is building a replica of Noah's arc and with this extraordinary project he is getting media attention from around the world. For example, check out the video clip that was broadcasted on Russian state TV!


jonboy said...

Checked out the ark Web site. I love the pictures, especially the one with the vending machines on the ark.
... just wish I could read what it says. :)

Panda said...

Thanks for the comment, Jonboy

First I thought you were referring to a note or sign on the vending machine. My guess would be: 'Take two of every kind', but now I realize you are talking about our funny Dutch language. Well, that's another Bible Story (the one with the tower of Babel). But the Good News is: it's almost Pentecost, the tower of confusion is turned upside down and we can understand each other throught the Spirit. That is, if you know what I mean...