Friday, May 04, 2007

Hottest April in the Netherlands on record

May 4 and it is still dry and sunny in the Netherlands. We haven't had rain since March 22. We are all enjoying the beautiful weather right now and they do expect some rain next week, but with average temperatures 5 degrees Celsius higher than normal during this time of the year, it looks like we are already facing some signs of the Inconvenient Truth. What do you think? (Prayers for rain in Italy)

"Global warming has increased the probability of an extremely warm April as the one we observed in 2007. However, on top of this it still was a highly unlikely event, with an estimated return time of more than 200 years. The record warm, dry and sunny weather was caused by a persistent high pressure system over our part of Europe." Source


Mike said...

There is no debate the world is getting warmer.

Vicki said...

It's hot and dry here in Central Florida in the US, too. The wildfires that are burning thousands of acres and creating so much smoke in the air are proof. We really need the rain.

Global warming is definitely a problem.

Carol L. Douglas said...

Having experienced one of the most bitter and protracted winters I can remember (upstate New York) I start from a different perspective. My gut feeling is that, yes, the climate is changing but, no, human activity isn't the root cause of it. Having said that, I believe in pursuing a green lifestyle to reduce our impact on this beautiful planet. If we're wrong in doing so, what does it hurt?

But I think the global warming issue has the potential to be an idolatrous one. The reason it terrifies us is that we can't figure out how to fix it. The only solution to that is to turn away from trying to solve it on our own and seek God's mind in this matter.